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The Keys Group Co. was founded in 1967

Here are some of the events of the day:


. U.S. Population hit 200 million
. 50,000 people protested the Vietnam War at the Lincoln Memorial
. The First Super Bowl was played in Los Angeles , California .


. The average family income was $7,300
. Gallon of milk $1.15
. Loaf of Bread $.22
. Gallon of Gas $.28
. New Car $2,400


. Human heart transplant
. Synthetic DNA


. President Lyndon B. Johnson asks Congress to pass civil rights legislation regarding the sale and renting of housing.
. Martin Luther King, Jr. leads thousands of marchers protesting the Vietnam War to the United Nations building in New York .
. Thurgood Marshall becomes the first African American appointed to the Supreme Court.
. Race riots erupt in New York , Atlanta , Buffalo , Detroit and other cities.
. President Johnson forms a Special Advisory Committee on. Civil Disorders to investigate racial disturbances and. propose remedies.
. A federal court in Montgomery , Alabama orders the governor and the state board of education to integrate all public schools this year. It is the first case of an entire state being placed under single federal. desegregation injunction.


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